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Lied {n}Neutrum (das) (Melodie, Weise) tune
Melodie {f}Femininum (die) tune
Stimmung {f}Femininum (die) tune
Weise {f}Femininum (die) (Melodie) tune
Liebesmelodie {f}Femininum (die) tune of love
Melodie {f}Femininum (die) der Liebe tune of love


Enter NORA, humming a tune and in high spirits.
I paced up and down the room, humming a tune under my breath to keep up my spirits and feeling that I was thoroughly earning my fifty-guinea fee.
The schoolhouse being deserted soon fell to decay, and was reported to be haunted by the ghost of the unfortunate pedagogue and the plowboy, loitering homeward of a still summer evening, has often fancied his voice at a distance, chanting a melancholy psalm tune among the tranquil solitudes of Sleepy Hollow.
Oh, friend John, it is a strange world, a sad world, a world full of miseries, and woes, and troubles; and yet when King Laugh come he make them all dance to the tune he play.
Mr. Stryver sucked the end of a ruler for a little while, and then stood hitting a tune out of his teeth with it, which probably gave him the toothache.
‘No, you gave it me for playing a tune to you.’
“And what tune is it ye pull to, men?”
And that ye may know to what tune this heart beats; look ye here; thus I blow out the last fear!”
Such are Commonly the thoughts of men, that are not onely without company, but also without care of any thing; though even then their Thoughts are as busie as at other times, but without harmony; as the sound which a Lute out of tune would yeeld to any man; or in tune, to one that could not play.
But where a man may lawfully Command, as a Father in his Family, or a Leader in an Army, his Exhortations and Dehortations, are not onely lawfull, but also necessary, and laudable: But then they are no more Counsells, but Commands; which when they are for Execution of soure labour; sometimes necessity, and alwayes humanity requireth to be sweetned in the delivery, by encouragement, and in the tune and phrase of Counsell, rather then in harsher language of Command.

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