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unnatürlich unnatural
widernatürlich unnatural
Rabeneltern {pl}Plural (die) unnatural parents
Rabenmutter {f}Femininum (die) unnatural mother
Rabenvater {m}Maskulinum (der) unnatural father
Todesursache - Agent Orange (ein US-amerikanischer Fernsehfilm aus dem Jahr 1986) Unnatural Causes
Ein unverhofftes Geständnis [lit.] Unnatural Causes [lit.] (P. D. James)


“That is not an unnatural surmise,” said Fitzwilliam, “but it is a lessening of the honour of my cousin’s triumph very sadly.”
It was indeed but a passing trance, that only made me feel with renewed acuteness so soon as, the unnatural stimulus ceasing to operate, I had returned to my old habits.
I had sagacity enough to discover that the unnatural hideousness of my person was the chief object of horror with those who had formerly beheld me.
But, besides, I could not bring myself to disclose a secret which would fill my hearer with consternation and make fear and unnatural horror the inmates of his breast.
Depend upon it, there is nothing so unnatural as the commonplace.”
The men had known each other in the colonies, so that it was not unnatural that when they came to settle down they should do so as near each other as possible.
As to his remark about his deserts, it was also not unnatural if you consider that he stood beside the dead body of his father, and that there is no doubt that he had that very day so far forgotten his filial duty as to bandy words with him, and even, according to the little girl whose evidence is so important, to raise his hand as if to strike him.
As I was already in debt to my tradesmen, the advance was a great convenience, and yet there was something unnatural about the whole transaction which made me wish to know a little more before I quite committed myself.
I had heard that madmen have unnatural strength; and as I knew I was a madman—at times anyhow—I resolved to use my power.
An unnatural silence and desertion reigned there.

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