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Deutsch Englisch
auf up
aufwärts {adv.} up
herauf {adv.} up
hinauf {adv.} up
hoch {adv.} (nach oben) up
oben [auch. fig.] up
Oben (ein US-amerikanischer Animationsfilm aus dem Jahr 2009) Up
aktuell (modern, modisch) up to date
auf und ab up and down
aufstrebend up coming
Aufwind {m}Maskulinum (der) up wind
Aufwinde {pl}Plural (die) up winds
Betriebszeit {f}Femininum (die) up time
bis auf up to
bis jetzt up to now
bis zu up to
bisher up to now
bisherig up to now
bisherig up till (until) now
bislang up to now
das Tempo erhöhen up the tempo {v} [coll.]
das Tempo steigern up the tempo {v} [coll.]
droben up there
himmelhoch jauchzend, zu Tode betrübt up one minute - down the next
im Offensivbereich {n}Neutrum (das) [-special_topic_sport-] up front [-special_topic_sport-]
im ureigensten Bereich up one's street (Br.)British English
in Grenzen up to a point

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Your sisters are engaged, and there is not another woman in the room whom it would not be a punishment to me to stand up with.”
I was so vexed to see him stand up with her!
But I can guess how it was; everybody says that he is eat up with pride, and I dare say he had heard somehow that Mrs. Long does not keep a carriage, and had come to the ball in a hack chaise.”
For my part, Mr. Bingley, I always keep servants that can do their own work; my daughters are brought up very differently.
Elizabeth took up some needlework, and was sufficiently amused in attending to what passed between Darcy and his companion.
I have, therefore, made up my mind to tell you, that I do not want to dance a reel at all—and now despise me if you dare.”
Chapter 11 When the ladies removed after dinner, Elizabeth ran up to her sister, and seeing her well guarded from cold, attended her into the drawing-room, where she was welcomed by her two friends with many professions of pleasure; and Elizabeth had never seen them so agreeable as they were during the hour which passed before the gentlemen appeared.
The first half-hour was spent in piling up the fire, lest she should suffer from the change of room; and she removed at his desire to the other side of the fireplace, that she might be further from the door.
Darcy took up a book; Miss Bingley did the same; and Mrs. Hurst, principally occupied in playing with her bracelets and rings, joined now and then in her brother’s conversation with Miss Bennet.
Miss Bingley made no answer, and soon afterwards she got up and walked about the room.

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