Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: upstairs

nach oben
oben gelegen


I want to go upstairs again; I don't want to leave so early.
It seems to me that you looked after yourself pretty well upstairs too.
On the very day that I saw him last he cut himself in the bedroom, and yet I in the dining-room rushed upstairs instantly with the utmost certainty that something had happened.
“One tallow stain, or even two, might come by chance; but when I see no less than five, I think that there can be little doubt that the individual must be brought into frequent contact with burning tallow—walks upstairs at night probably with his hat in one hand and a guttering candle in the other.
“We went upstairs together, the colonel first with the lamp, the fat manager and I behind him.
I did not breathe freely until I had taken it upstairs and locked it in the bureau of my dressing-room.
Recently he has been drinking hard, and yesterday evening he was very drunk; and when I came upstairs there was the key in the door.
And dear John gathered me up in his arms, and just carried me upstairs and laid me on the bed, and sat by me and read to me till it tired my head.
And even then it would not leave him, but followed him upstairs with a bump on every stair, scrambled into bed with him, and bumped down, dead and heavy, on his breast when he fell asleep.
We paddled out and got aboard—clumb in at an upstairs window.

Weitere Wörter

Deutsch Englisch
oben upstairs
(eine Treppe) hinaufbringen to bring upstairs
Ja - und die Erde ist eine Scheibe! And did you ever see an oyster walk upstairs?
treppauf gehen to go upstairs
oben gelegen upstairs
(eine Treppe) hinaufbringen (tragen) to carry upstairs
Schrei im Morgengrauen (ein britischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 1958) The Man Upstairs
obere upstairs
(eine Treppe) hinauftragen to carry upstairs
Zimmer Nr. 13 (ein US-amerikanischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 1926) The Man Upstairs