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besiegte vanquished


This man and this whale again came together, and the one vanquished the other.
Then he said: “Something told me ‘t if I didn’t come back and get—” He shuddered; then waved his nerveless hand with a vanquished gesture and said, “Tell ‘em, Joe, tell ‘em—it ain’t any use any more.”
OF DOMINION PATERNALL AND DESPOTICALL Wherein Different From A Common-wealth By Institution The Rights Of Soveraignty The Same In Both Dominion Paternall How Attained Not By Generation, But By Contract Or Education; Or Precedent Subjection Of One Of The Parents To The Other The Right Of Succession Followeth The Rules Of The Rights Of Possession Despoticall Dominion, How Attained Not By The Victory, But By The Consent Of The Vanquished Difference Between A Family And A Kingdom The Right Of Monarchy From Scripture Soveraign Power Ought In All Common-wealths To Be Absolute CHAPTER XXI.
speaketh of an unclean Spirit, that having gone out of a man, wandreth through dry places, seeking rest, and finding none; and returning into the same man, with seven other spirits worse than himselfe; It is manifestly a Parable, alluding to a man, that after a little endeavour to quit his lusts, is vanquished by the strength of them; and becomes seven times worse than he was.
And after such Covenant made, the Vanquished is a SERVANT, and not before: for by the word Servant (whether it be derived from Servire, to Serve, or from Servare, to Save, which I leave to Grammarians to dispute) is not meant a Captive, which is kept in prison, or bonds, till the owner of him that took him, or bought him of one that did, shall consider what to do with him: (for such men, (commonly called Slaves,) have no obligation at all; but may break their bonds, or the prison; and kill, or carry away captive their Master, justly:) but one, that being taken, hath corporall liberty allowed him; and upon promise not to run away, nor to do violence to his Master, is trusted by him.
Not By The Victory, But By The Consent Of The Vanquished It is not therefore the Victory, that giveth the right of Dominion over the Vanquished, but his own Covenant.
Subjects Have Liberty To Defend Their Own Bodies, Even Against Them That Lawfully Invade Them First therefore, seeing Soveraignty by Institution, is by Covenant of every one to every one; and Soveraignty by Acquisition, by Covenants of the Vanquished to the Victor, or Child to the Parent; It is manifest, that every Subject has Liberty in all those things, the right whereof cannot by Covenant be transferred.
If the Soveraign of one Common-wealth, subdue a people that have lived under other written Lawes, and afterwards govern them by the same Lawes, by which they were governed before; yet those Lawes are the Civill Lawes of the Victor, and not of the Vanquished Common-wealth, For the Legislator is he, not by whose authority the Lawes were first made, but by whose authority they now continue to be Lawes.
26 Grendel is Vanquished (XIII.)
But was young Boasthard’s fear vanquished by Calmer’s words?

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