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vergewaltigt {adj.} [i. w. S.: auch fig.] violated
verletzt {adj.} (Eid, Grenze, Grundsätze, Intimsphäre, Luftraum, Moral, Rechte, Vertrag etc.) violated
gebrochen {adj.} [fig.] (Eid, Schwur, Versprechen, Vertrag etc.) violated
gebrochen {adj.} [fig.] (Gesetz, Regeln) violated
übertreten {adj.} [fig.] ([moralische, rechtliche etc.] Grenze, Gesetz, Verbot etc. ) violated
geschändet {adj.} violated
entweiht {adj.} violated
entehrt {adj.} (entweiht) violated
entehrt {adj.} [veraltet] (sexuell missbraucht, geschändet) violated
verunehrt {adj.} [veraltet] (entweiht, geschändet) violated
missachtet {adj.} (Gebot, Regeln etc.) violated
mißachtet [alte Orthogr.] {adj.} (Gebot, Regeln etc.) violated
(grob) gestört (Frieden, Ruhe, Schlaf etc.) violated
Zeit der Rache (ein US-amerikanischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 1984) Violated [original title]


No principle of either would be violated by my marriage with Mr. Darcy.
You were a nicelooking Miriam when you clipped off your backgate hairs and lay swooning in the thing across the bed as Mrs Dandrade about to be violated by lieutenant Smythe-Smythe, Mr Philip Augustus Blockwell M. P., signor Laci Daremo, the robust tenor, blueeyed Bert, the liftboy, Henri Fleury of Gordon Bennett fame, Sheridan, the quadroon Croesus, the varsity wetbob eight from old Trinity, Ponto, her splendid Newfoundland and Bobs, dowager duchess of Manorhamilton.
From outrage (matrimony) to outrage (adultery) there arose nought but outrage (copulation) yet the matrimonial violator of the matrimonially violated had not been outraged by the adulterous violator of the adulterously violated.
I could have violated her if she had been alone.
It is two o'clock in the morning, I have violated and well worked you, kissed, frigged, licked, and sucked you obliged you to yield to my desires, the most debauched, the most shamelessly degrading during the whole of the afternoon.
[pg 247] The violated rites, the ravish'd dame; Our heroes slaughter'd and our ships on flame, Crimes heap'd on crimes, shall bend your glory down, And whelm in ruins yon flagitious town.
These boastful words provoked the raging god; With fury swells the violated flood.
Indra, too, having violated the chastity of Ahalya,[8] was made to suffer for it.
The husband of this woman has violated the chastity of my wives, I shall therefore return that injury by seducing his wives.
Wherefore, since nothing but blows will do, for God’s sake, let us come to a final separation, and not leave the next generation to be cutting throats, under the violated unmeaning names of parent and child.

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