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These are the times, when in his whale-boat the rover softly feels a certain filial, confident, land-like feeling towards the sea; that he regards it as so much flowery earth; and the distant ship revealing only the tops of her masts, seems struggling forward, not through high rolling waves, but through the tall grass of a rolling prairie: as when the western emigrants’ horses only show their erected ears, while their hidden bodies widely wade through the amazing verdure.
The ebb had already run some time, and I had to wade through a long belt of swampy sand, where I sank several times above the ankle, before I came to the edge of the retreating water, and wading a little way in, with some strength and dexterity, set my coracle, keel downwards, on the surface.
But if such a one is forced for the sake of his idea to step over a corpse or wade through blood, he can, I maintain, find within himself, in his conscience, a sanction for wading through blood—that depends on the idea and its dimensions, note that.
But the race began not in the ring, but two hundred yards away from it, and in that part of the course was the first obstacle, a dammed-up stream, seven feet in breadth, which the racers could leap or wade through as they preferred.

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Wade {f} [anat.] calf
Wade {f} (Fischernetz) seine
> Wade ({m}) (männlicher Vorname) > Wade
Wade Hampton ({n}) [geogr.] (Stadt in South Carolina, USA) Wade Hampton
Schaft {m} (über die Wade reichender Teil eines Stiefels) leg
durchwaten wade through
waten to wade
Der Schatz des Gehenkten (ein US-amerikanischer Western aus dem Jahr 1957) The Law and Jake Wade