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Scheibe {f}Femininum (die) (Halbleiterscheibe) wafer
(dünne) Waffel {f}Femininum (die) [gastr.; auch i. w. S.] wafer
Waffel {f}Femininum (die) [gastr.] (Dessert-, Eiswaffel) wafer
Back-Oblaten {pl}Plural (die) wafer papers for baking
Backoblaten {pl}Plural (die) wafer papers for baking
Waffelschokolade {f}Femininum (die) wafer chocolate
Waffelstäbchen {n}Neutrum (das) [gastr.] wafer stick
Waffelstäbchen {pl}Plural (die) [gastr.] wafer sticks
Waferhantierungsumgebung {f}Femininum (die) [tech.] wafer handling environment


He crumbled the wafer up fine and worked it into the mass between his hands.
On your forehead I touch this piece of Sacred Wafer in the name of the Father, the Son, and——” There was a fearful scream which almost froze our hearts to hear.
As he had placed the Wafer on Mina’s forehead, it had seared it—had burned into the flesh as though it had been a piece of white-hot metal.
Taking from his box a piece of the Sacred Wafer he laid it reverently on the earth, and then shutting down the lid began to screw it home, we aiding him as he worked.
Instinctively I moved forward with a protective impulse, holding the Crucifix and Wafer in my left hand.
He loved to kneel down on the cold marble pavement and watch the priest, in his stiff flowered dalmatic, slowly and with white hands moving aside the veil of the tabernacle, or raising aloft the jewelled, lantern-shaped monstrance with that pallid wafer that at times, one would fain think, is indeed the "panis caelestis," the bread of angels, or, robed in the garments of the Passion of Christ, breaking the Host into the chalice and smiting his breast for his sins.
The last Hamlet as I dressed, made the same mistakes in his reading at rehearsal, till I got him to put a large red wafer on each of his shins, and then at that rehearsal (which was the last) I went in front, sir, to the back of the pit, and whenever his reading brought him into profile, I called out “I don’t see no wafers!”
Marius, as he opened the letter, noticed that the enormous wafer which sealed it was still moist.
This table, still completed by its straw-seated chair, is an institution; it exists in all police stations; it is invariably ornamented with a box-wood saucer filled with sawdust and a wafer box of cardboard filled with red wafers, and it forms the lowest stage of official style.
As the wafer digested, the tincture mounted to his brain, bearing the proposition along with it.

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