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wehend wafting


That while her fingers touch the harp Wafting sweet music o’er the lea, It is for thee thus swells her heart, Sighing its message out to thee... A day or two, then bliss unspoilt, But oh!
They are to live in an atmosphere of health; the breeze is always to be wafting to them the impressions of truth and goodness.
Yes my brother I know, The rest might not, but I have treasur'd every note, For more than once dimly down to the beach gliding, Silent, avoiding the moonbeams, blending myself with the shadows, Recalling now the obscure shapes, the echoes, the sounds and sights after their sorts, The white arms out in the breakers tirelessly tossing, I, with bare feet, a child, the wind wafting my hair, Listen'd long and long.
8 O we can wait no longer, We too take ship O soul, Joyous we too launch out on trackless seas, Fearless for unknown shores on waves of ecstasy to sail, Amid the wafting winds, (thou pressing me to thee, I thee to me, O soul,) Caroling free, singing our song of God, Chanting our chant of pleasant exploration.
My life and recitative, containing birth, youth, mid-age years, Fitful as motley-tongues of flame, inseparably twined and merged in one—combining all, My single soul—aims, confirmations, failures, joys—Nor single soul alone, I chant my nation's crucial stage, (America's, haply humanity's)— the trial great, the victory great, A strange eclaircissement of all the masses past, the eastern world, the ancient, medieval, Here, here from wanderings, strayings, lessons, wars, defeats—here at the west a voice triumphant—justifying all, A gladsome pealing cry—a song for once of utmost pride and satisfaction; I chant from it the common bulk, the general average horde, (the best sooner than the worst)—And now I chant old age, (My verses, written first for forenoon life, and for the summer's, autumn's spread, I pass to snow-white hairs the same, and give to pulses winter-cool'd the same;) As here in careless trill, I and my recitatives, with faith and love, wafting to other work, to unknown songs, conditions, On, on ye jocund twain!
The King hath on him such a countenance As he had lost some province, and a region Lov'd as he loves himself; even now I met him With customary compliment, when he, Wafting his eyes to th' contrary and falling A lip of much contempt, speeds from me; So leaves me to consider what is breeding That changes thus his manners.

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