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My love, in fine, was so excessive, that is arrived at annihilating every suggestion or kindling spark of jealousy; for, one idea only, tending that way, gave me such exquisite torment, that my self-love, and dread of worse than death, made me for ever renounce and defy it: nor had I, indeed, occasion; for, were I to enter here on the recital of several instances wherein Charles sacrificed to me women of much greater importance than I dare hint (which, considering his form, was no such wonder), I might, indeed, give you full proof of his unshaken constancy to me; but would not you accuse me of warming up against a feast, which my vanity ought long ago to have been satisfied with?

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Treibhauspotential {n} GWP : global warming potential
Abreibung {f} [ugs.] (Prügel) warming [coll.]
Prügel {pl} (Hiebe, Abreibung) warming [coll.]
Klimalüge {f} [ökol., pol.] (bez. globale Klimaerwärmung) global warming lie
Tracht Prügel {f} warming
feurig {adj.} (wärmend [Wein etc.]) warming
sich einreiten to have a warming-up ride
aufwärmend warming up
globale Erwärmung {f} [ökol.] global warming
erwärmend warming