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weißer whiter


Arthur went off with him, casting back a longing look on Lucy’s face, which lay in her pillow, almost whiter than the lawn.
His face was not a good face; it was hard, and cruel, and sensual, and his big white teeth, that looked all the whiter because his lips were so red, were pointed like an animal’s.
There is another sound, a queer one like——” She stopped and grew white, and whiter still.
She sat still all the time—so still as one dead; and she grew whiter and ever whiter till the snow was not more pale; and no word she said.
“Monseigneur, he was whiter than the miller.
he reiterated; and he went over the syllables three times, growing, in the intervals of speaking, whiter than ashes: he hardly seemed to know what he was doing.
The old man, who had been crimson, turned whiter than his hair.
He was supplied with bread of a finer, whiter quality than the usual prison fare, and even regaled each Sunday with a small quantity of wine.
Monte Cristo glanced at Bertuccio, who became whiter than the wall against which he leaned to prevent himself from falling.
My mother gave it him, and as she did so, looked whiter than the marble against which she leaned.

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