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ganzer Tag {m}Maskulinum (der)


Scarcely anything was talked of the whole day or next morning but their visit to Rosings.
"Food, however, became scarce, and I often spent the whole day searching in vain for a few acorns to assuage the pangs of hunger.
Perhaps it was reading the journal yesterday that upset me, and then Jonathan went away this morning to stay away from me a whole day and night, the first time we have been parted since our marriage.
Now, if we allow for two days less for the ship’s voyage, owing to such weather influences as we know that the Count can bring to bear; and if we allow a whole day and night for any delays which may occur to us, then we have a margin of nearly two weeks.
Thus, in fine, if he escape not on shore to-night, or before dawn, there will be the whole day lost to him.
Nobody don’t have to pay for the things they buy till a whole day after the auction on accounts of the short notice, and they ain’t going out of this till they get that money; and the way we’ve fixed it the sale ain’t going to count, and they ain’t going to get no money.
She walked the whole day until she came to the deepest, darkest part of the forest.
The soldier spent the whole day in doing it, and in the evening the witch proposed that he should stay one night more.
Buoyed up by that coffin, for almost one whole day and night, I floated on a soft and dirgelike main.
The atheling of Geatmen uttered these words and 20 Heroic did hasten, not any rejoinder Was willing to wait for; the wave-current swallowed He is a whole day reaching the bottom of the sea.

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Zero Day [lit.] Zero Day [lit.] (David Baldacci)
Christopher Street Day {m}, CSD {m} Christopher Street Day , CSD
Riley-Day-Syndrom {n} [med.] Riley-Day syndrome
D-Day {m} (Tag der Entscheidung) D-day
Herrenunterwäsche {f} (nach Bradley, Voorhees & Day) B.V.D.s
Doris Day in... (eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie) The Doris Day Show
Männerunterwäsche {f} (nach Bradley, Voorhees & Day) B.V.D.s
Thanksgiving Day {m} (4. Donnerstag im November) Thanksgiving Day [Am.]
D-Day {m} [mil.] (Stichtag militärischer Operationen) D-day
Herren-Unterwäsche {f} (nach Bradley, Voorhees & Day) B.V.D.s