Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: whole range

Klaviatur {f}Femininum (die) [fig.] (ganze Bandbreite)


I cannot boast of knowing more than half-a-dozen, in the whole range of my acquaintance, that are really accomplished.”
A dreary look-forward, this, for a man who felt it to be the best definition of happiness to live throughout the whole range of his faculties and sensibilities.
‘The snow is quite gone down here, darling,’ replied her husband; ‘and I only see two white spots on the whole range of moors: the sky is blue, and the larks are singing, and the becks and brooks are all brim full.
It may be necessary for the education of the real philosopher that he himself should have once stood upon all those steps upon which his servants, the scientific workers of philosophy, remain standing, and MUST remain standing he himself must perhaps have been critic, and dogmatist, and historian, and besides, poet, and collector, and traveler, and riddle-reader, and moralist, and seer, and "free spirit," and almost everything, in order to traverse the whole range of human values and estimations, and that he may BE ABLE with a variety of eyes and consciences to look from a height to any distance, from a depth up to any height, from a nook into any expanse.
It is the incongruity of Sancho in all his ways, words, and works, with the ideas and aims of his master, quite as much as the wonderful vitality and truth to nature of the character, that makes him the most humorous creation in the whole range of fiction.
Finally, in times when the class struggle nears the decisive hour, the process of dissolution going on within the ruling class, in fact within the whole range of society, assumes such a violent, glaring character, that a small section of the ruling class cuts itself adrift, and joins the revolutionary class, the class that holds the future in its hands.

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Range {f} [veraltend] tearaway [esp. Br.]
Range {f} [veraltend] brat
Range {m} [veraltend] rascal
Range {f} [veraltend] romp [obs.]
Range {f} [veraltend] tomboy
Range {f} [ugs., veraltend] (Mädchen) gamine
Range {f} (selten {m}) [landsch.] (freches,verzogenes Mädchen) minx  {s} [hum., pej.]
Eisenhower Range {f} [geogr.] (eine Gebirgskette im antarktischen Viktorialand) Eisenhower Range
Open Range - Weites Land (ein US-amerikanischer Western aus dem Jahr 2003) Open Range
der Range Creek [geogr.] (ein Nebenfluss des Colorado River im US-Bundesstaat Utah) the Range Creek