Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: winnings

Gewinn {m}Maskulinum (der) (Spielerfolg)
Gabe {f}Femininum (die) [schweiz.] (Gewinn)


When he was not asleep, or playing a complicated kind of Patience with a ragged pack of cards of his own,—a game that I never saw before or since, and in which he recorded his winnings by sticking his jackknife into the table,—when he was not engaged in either of these pursuits, he would ask me to read to him,—“Foreign language, dear boy!”
The shape of the prisoner's place in the court-room, and of him or her seated in the place, The shape of the liquor-bar lean'd against by the young rum-drinker and the old rum-drinker, The shape of the shamed and angry stairs trod by sneaking foot- steps, The shape of the sly settee, and the adulterous unwholesome couple, The shape of the gambling-board with its devilish winnings and losings, The shape of the step-ladder for the convicted and sentenced murderer, the murderer with haggard face and pinion'd arms, The sheriff at hand with his deputies, the silent and white-lipp'd crowd, the dangling of the rope.
The other replied that all his antagonist said was true, and that he did not choose to give him more than four reals because he very often gave him money; and that those who expected presents ought to be civil and take what is given them with a cheerful countenance, and not make any claim against winners unless they know them for certain to be sharpers and their winnings to be unfairly won; and that there could be no better proof that he himself was an honest man than his having refused to give anything; for sharpers always pay tribute to lookers-on who know them.

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Deutsch Englisch
Lottogewinn {m} (Gewinnsumme) lottery winnings
Riesengewinn {m} [ugs.] (beim Spiel) huge winnings
Riesengewinne {pl} (beim Spiel) huge winnings
riesiger Gewinn {m} (beim Spiel) huge winnings
riesige Gewinne {pl} (beim Spiel) huge winnings
Gewinn {m} (Spielerfolg) winnings
Gabe {f} [schweiz.] (Gewinn) winnings