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Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: wounded

Deutsch Englisch
angeschlagen wounded
angeschossen wounded
verwundete wounded
krank [Jägerspr.] (angeschossen) wounded
wund [fig., geh.] (bez. Seelenschmerz [Herz]) wounded
(auf dem Schlachtfeld / im [Kampf-]Einsatz) verwundet wounded in action (mil.)
weidwund [Jägerspr.] (mortally) wounded in the belly
Massaker von Wounded Knee {n}Neutrum (das) [hist.] (29. Dezember 1890) Wounded Knee Massacre


If I have wounded your sister’s feelings, it was unknowingly done and though the motives which governed me may to you very naturally appear insufficient, I have not yet learnt to condemn them.
But we must stem the tide of malice, and pour into the wounded bosoms of each other the balm of sisterly consolation.”
The wounded deer dragging its fainting limbs to some untrodden brake, there to gaze upon the arrow which had pierced it, and to die, was but a type of me.
And so he hides himself away like a wounded animal.
My clothes were all sodden with dew, and my coat-sleeve was drenched with blood from my wounded thumb.
He was lying on his belly on the floor licking up, like a dog, the blood which had fallen from my wounded wrist.
There is, however, possibly a serious side to the question, for some of the children, indeed all who have been missed at night, have been slightly torn or wounded in the throat.
Jonathan knelt behind him and the wounded man laid back his head on his shoulder.
Original But for the latter inconvenience, the carriage probably would not have stopped; carriages were often known to drive on, and leave their wounded behind, and why not?
A man, so besmeared that he might have been a sorely wounded soldier creeping back to consciousness on a field of slain, was rising from the pavement by the side of the grindstone, and looking about him with a vacant air.

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