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Deutsch Englisch
eingewickelt wrapped
hüllte ein wrapped
übernommen wrapped
eingehüllt wrapped up
gesteckter Kontakt wrapped connection
gewickelter Kontakt wrapped connection
in geheimnisvolles Dunkel gehüllt wrapped in mystery
umwickelte wrapped round
umwickelter Wulstdraht wrapped bead wire
Wickelverbindung {f}Femininum (die) [-special_topic_electr.-] wrapped connection [-special_topic_electr.-]
Wickellötverbindung {f}Femininum (die) [elektr.] wrapped and soldered joint
Wickelverbindung {f}Femininum (die) [elektr.] wrapped joint
gewickelte Verbindung {f}Femininum (die) [elektr.] wrapped joint
umwickeltes Garn {n}Neutrum (das) wrapped yarn
eingehüllter Keilriemen {m}Maskulinum (der) [tech.] wrapped V-belt
eingehüllter Keilriemen {m}Maskulinum (der) [tech.] wrapped vee belt
in Schweigen gehüllt wrapped in silence


The cold is not excessive, if you are wrapped in furs—a dress which I have already adopted, for there is a great difference between walking the deck and remaining seated motionless for hours, when no exercise prevents the blood from actually freezing in your veins.
As soon as he showed signs of life we wrapped him up in blankets and placed him near the chimney of the kitchen stove.
A mind of moderate capacity which closely pursues one study must infallibly arrive at great proficiency in that study; and I, who continually sought the attainment of one object of pursuit and was solely wrapped up in this, improved so rapidly that at the end of two years I made some discoveries in the improvement of some chemical instruments, which procured me great esteem and admiration at the university.
I heard of the difference of sexes, and the birth and growth of children, how the father doted on the smiles of the infant, and the lively sallies of the older child, how all the life and cares of the mother were wrapped up in the precious charge, how the mind of youth expanded and gained knowledge, of brother, sister, and all the various relationships which bind one human being to another in mutual bonds.
All the afternoon he sat in the stalls wrapped in the most perfect happiness, gently waving his long, thin fingers in time to the music, while his gently smiling face and his languid, dreamy eyes were as unlike those of Holmes the sleuth-hound, Holmes the relentless, keen-witted, ready-handed criminal agent, as it was possible to conceive.
It was a bitter night, so we drew on our ulsters and wrapped cravats about our throats.
I sprang from my bed, wrapped a shawl round me, and rushed into the corridor.
When I had her carefully wrapped up I put my shoes on her feet and then began very gently to wake her.
When the chaplain and the sisters had left me alone with my husband—oh, Lucy, it is the first time I have written the words ‘my husband’—left me alone with my husband, I took the book from under his pillow, and wrapped it up in white paper, and tied it with a little bit of pale blue ribbon which was round my neck, and sealed it over the knot with sealing-wax, and for my seal I used my wedding ring.
I waited a considerable time for Van Helsing to begin, but he stood as if wrapped in thought.

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