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Deutsch Englisch
geschrieben wrote
schrieb wrote
dichtete wrote poetry


However, he wrote some verses on her, and very pretty they were.”
Chapter 12 In consequence of an agreement between the sisters, Elizabeth wrote the next morning to their mother, to beg that the carriage might be sent for them in the course of the day.
She wrote also with great pleasure of her brother’s being an inmate of Mr. Darcy’s house, and mentioned with raptures some plans of the latter with regard to new furniture.
She wrote cheerfully, seemed surrounded with comforts, and mentioned nothing which she could not praise.
Jane had already written a few lines to her sister to announce their safe arrival in London; and when she wrote again, Elizabeth hoped it would be in her power to say something of the Bingleys.
She wrote again when the visit was paid, and she had seen Miss Bingley.
The letter which she wrote on this occasion to her sister will prove what she felt.
His own father did not long survive mine, and within half a year from these events, Mr. Wickham wrote to inform me that, having finally resolved against taking orders, he hoped I should not think it unreasonable for him to expect some more immediate pecuniary advantage, in lieu of the preferment, by which he could not be benefited.
Regard for my sister’s credit and feelings prevented any public exposure; but I wrote to Mr. Wickham, who left the place immediately, and Mrs. Younge was of course removed from her charge.
He wrote last week to hurry my return.”

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